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get rich or die tryin'- day...

"..back in da BLOG once again, it's me..this ain't ur average chic it's me..."

²day is one of the most chilling days i had this yr.
nuttin' ² do...except some exercises 4 biology 'cuz we'll have
sum tests ²morrow...

first we decided ² visit my sis a. in constance 4 sum hours, but she wasn't @ home 'cuz she needed ² go ² a radio station...maybe she'll
work @ it 4 the next time.......

so i went ² mah gurlz meg 'n gin, and we were just sittin' on the couch
an watchin' 50s film and some else...
it was SO relaxing!!

uuurrrghhh...²morrow school starts again....fuckin new week full of
boring lessons.
...hahah..but i'll get over it...4 sure...

greetings ²: meg, gin, jaZzey, sandro, alica & muhi

c y'all

26.11.06 18:56

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