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makin' of...

...ayy, this is luvlee, and this is my first own blog.

well, i just can say, that i won't be able ² spend a lot
of my time into this blog, cuz i'm incredible buzy wit
sql and else right now...but i hope u'll have some fun
by readin my entries...., enjoy... ;o)

Luv ² da Lee

22.11.06 16:21

and another...

...izZ me again...

what up ladies 'n fellas!?
everything alright out thurr?

awww.. i'm so tired.
yesterday we did some new basketball-moves in training.
4 example DUNKING... hahah...
...but it was so much fun!! ...i LoVe basketball...

²day i gotta send some greetings ² mah chics:
$ue, JaZzEy, GiN And MeG....
..lAdIeZzZ...u r da most important things in my life.
i juzz wanted ² say, that i really adore u n don't wanna
miss u anytime in my life.

kiZzEs ² mah hoMeZ

Uh gUrL LuvLee

23.11.06 18:18

4 mah gurl F...

...hey lil' lady.

i know u've got a lot of talent. u're pretty and so awsome...
...u're so cute =)

u still remember when we sang ²gether @ that studio in ek!?
it was kinda cool ² sing sth. ²gether although we didn't know each
other that good. ;D

but ey... i wanted ² tell u sth:
be careful with that one guy..u know which one i'm speakin' of, huh!?

i just can't take, that he's makin fun with u....i mean...
...u don't deserve that. AND i hope 4 this boy, that he'll
be real witchu... if he won't... bowww....

sometimes i really have ² say: BOYS ARE STUPID! (some... ;D)

so.... keep it real baby...and take care!


23.11.06 19:35


what uuuupppp out thurrr!?

well, i'm seriously inspired of dat new popstars-band "monrose"
u may think, that popstars is shit, but this time i'm lovin it although i usually hate those casting-bands...

u know, this time i really like the members (senna, bahar&mandy) of the band...
...their voices r so AMAZIN'!

and their first ² songs... >shame< and >even heaven cries<...
...they're incredibly nice ² me..they give me such a special feeling when i listen ² them..and i gotta think un that one person in my life, which makes me cry right now. ='(
>even heaven cries....

i never enjoyed popstars that much...but ey, i'm serious...
i'm surprised of myself... xD

well, if u want ² know more about them, u gotta take a look here:

 soo..i gotta go out right now...
...gotta breath

take care babies... y'all!


24.11.06 18:47

get rich or die tryin'- day...

"..back in da BLOG once again, it's me..this ain't ur average chic it's me..."

²day is one of the most chilling days i had this yr.
nuttin' ² do...except some exercises 4 biology 'cuz we'll have
sum tests ²morrow...

first we decided ² visit my sis a. in constance 4 sum hours, but she wasn't @ home 'cuz she needed ² go ² a radio station...maybe she'll
work @ it 4 the next time.......

so i went ² mah gurlz meg 'n gin, and we were just sittin' on the couch
an watchin' 50s film and some else...
it was SO relaxing!!

uuurrrghhh...²morrow school starts again....fuckin new week full of
boring lessons.
...hahah..but i'll get over it...4 sure...

greetings ²: meg, gin, jaZzey, sandro, alica & muhi

c y'all

26.11.06 18:56

hey out thurr...

...umm...i didn't write 4 some days, so usually i should have a lot ² tell...but the last days wr so boring...i'm serious, i got nothing ² do except learning and school.
well, i was @ was fun as always ;D but this was the own thing which was good this week...and even now i should learn 4 physics cuz we're going ² write a test tomorrow...but i'm sure i won't get a good grade @ it....cuz i'm unable ² understand that sh"§...

yyyyyaaaaaaawwww..but ey...i got another GREAT track of cassie & jutbox. awww i'm so inspired of this woman...she's got a voice lyk an angel...she's PERFECT man..

i think i should write down some song-lists 4 u but now i have ² learn, i'm really sorry...

so i hope u stay tuned
l xx

30.11.06 14:44


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